With Obama on Fjäderholmarna
Question: What do Stockholmers do on a day off with no plans? Answer: They pack a picnic basket and go to the nearby island of Fjäderholmarna in the archipelago.

“It’s the nearness to the city that makes the destination appealing,” says Kent Örnklint, owner of a gallery on Fjäderholmarna to Metro.se. "Everything you need is here: Great restaurants, great artisans, and everything so close to the city. It’s clean and nice here, a true idyll.”
And in the poll made by Pågen, which showed Fjäderholmarna to be the most popular destination for Stockholmers, the most popular person to bring on such a picnic is President Barack Obama. Obama was more popular than both Crown Princess Victoria and soccer star Zlatan Ibrahimovic.
The booby prize went to author Björn Ranelid, swimmer Therese Alshammar, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. Pågen’s poll further shows that food is important for the picnic to be considered a success. And the most important ingredients in the picnic basket? Sandwiches and coffee.


For more info on the islands, see Fjäderholmarna, a mere 15-20 minute boat ride from Stockholm's center, with for instance Strömma Kanalbolaget, Waxholmsbolaget
or Fjäderholmslinjen