Sweden continues to escalate on the list of countries with the highest revenue from foreign tourism, having gone from being 24th on the United Nations World Tourism Organization list to 21st on their most recent ranking.

“It’s fantastic that we’re in such a good place, not per capita, but in actual consumption,” says managing director Thomas Brühl at Visit Sweden. Brühl thinks the reasons are that accessing Sweden has become both easier and cheaper for foreign tourists, the country has focused on marketing and there are more destinations in the country “ripe for export.”
“And with that I mean that Sweden offers an entire experience; there are flights, hotels, restaurants and things to do—all in one place.”


Sweden is further up on the list than countries like South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal and Croatia, and far ahead of the other Scandinavian countries. Foreign tourism consumption in Sweden reached 98.8 billion SEK ($14.2 billion) in 2011, which is nearly 50 percent more than Denmark (which ranks 41st on UNWTO’s list) and Norway (46th). “We have more to offer than they do,” says Brühl. “We have nature experience, skiing, three major cities and amazing theme parks."