Increased ticket prices mean fewer travelers. Stockholmers have had enough, they feel it’s too expensive to use public transportation. Since Stockholms Lokaltrafik (Stockholm Public Transport) raised ticket prices last fall, there are 2.2 percent fewer trips, according to Svenska Dagbladet. SL’s statistics over ticket sales show it is the period cards that have decreased the most in sales. 47,000 fewer cards have been sold since the increase in pricing.

Traveling has increased, but not in comparison with the population growth. The increase in prices has led to increased revenues but has led to a decrease in traveling. That’s unavoidable, according to Göran Tegnér, traffic analyst at WSP, a management and consultancy services business. The monthly cards at SL today costs 790 SEK ($112); they went up 100 SEK ($14) last September. According to SL the revenues have increased 690 million SEK ($98,125,334) since then. “There’s a goal, both a national goal and one within SL, to double public transportation trips. But to raise the tariff has had a completely opposite effect,” says Mikael Sundström, chairman of Kollektivtrafikant Stockholm (Association of Public Transportation Stockholm) to Svenska Dagbladet.