Bringing fresh fish to the dinner table—fish you caught yourself? It sounds like something you’d do far away from the big city, but you can actually do it right in the middle of Göteborg. “Göta älv is rich with fish,” says Markus Lundgren, fish conservation consultant at Sportfiskarna. He says all you need is to get yourself a Gula kortet (yellow card) to be permitted to fish in Vallgraven and the channels that lead to it, as well as near the Göta älv bridge.
“There are rules and regulations as to how much fish you are allowed to catch, as well as minimum sizes and so on,” he says. Ewa Falklind and Åsa Westlund, from the female fishing club Fjällorna, have happily fished for "havsöring" (a fish related to salmon) around Röda Sten or further up the coast, but often go fishing at Vallgraven, also.

“We were down at Vallgraven on Tjejfiskets dag (the Day of Female Fishers)—there are always ‘öringar’ there. But we didn’t get any then,” says Falklind. Is the fish from Vallgraven really edible, though? Lundgren says, “We refer to Livsmedelsverket (The National Food Agency), and according to them you can eat almost anything, just not too much of it.”
For more information on how to obtain the Gula kortet and get permission to fish in central Göteborg: Gula Kortet fiskekort (In Swedish)