A mountain of garbage close to Haga – can it be transformed into a new arena in Princess Estelle’s name? Should it? Isn’t the Globen arena enough for a city the size of Stockholm? And now, another one – the Friends Arena, with space for 65,000 for concerts – is under construction in Solna, Stockholm Municipality, with a planned opening later this year. So what with a third one, built on a garbage heap? It’s an idea from Argo Arkitekter (an architectural firm).

“This is a contribution to the debate,” says Jim Forsberg, architect and managing director at Argo Arkitekter. “Architects are being criticized for being silent and timid, but it’s not only for the administration to make all the planning. We want to raise the debate for the people.” Forsberg thinks there’s a need for a third arena in the Stockholm area, and since the garbage heap he suggests be turned into an arena is next to Haga (where Victoria, Daniel, and baby Estelle live) he suggests the royal name. “One may ask if it’s good for little Estelle to grow up at the brink of a mountain of garbage, full of environmental poison. A cleaning up of the place would give Stockholm a more beautiful gateway.”
Forsberg adds that he has discussed the proposal with builders and politicians, but that the project so far has been put on hold.


More information on the Friends Arena in Solna: http://www.friendsarena.se