June 17 in Swedish History
1707: The health spa Ramlösa, in southern Sweden, is founded by German-born Swedish physician Johan Jacob Döbelius. It was built around the iron spring that Döbelius had been examining, and during the 18th century it grew in reputation and was visited by guests from Sweden as well as Denmark. Ramlösa had its years of grandeur at the beginning of the 19th century, when several members of the royal family and people from nobility visited. Toward the end of the 1890s a new source was found, which was the beginning of the bottling of the water and the modern company Ramlösa.

What happened to "taking the waters" in Sweden? (Often prescribed for medicinal purposes in the old days) Here's the story: Taking the waters: Did it ever cure anything or was it just a way for the rich to mingle?