May 18 in Swedish History
1160: Swedish King Erik IX (also known as Erik Jedvardsson and later on as Erik den helige - Erik the holy) is murdered in Gamla Uppsala. The murder, or execution, was supposedly committed in an open place south of the cathedral in Uppsala. Erik is said to have been murdered by Emund Ulvbane, an assassin who was hired by people working for the Sverker Dynasty (rivals to Erik’s family) in order for them to regain control of the kingdom. Another claimant to the murder is Magnus Henriksson, who in some sources is said to have briefly succeeded Erik as king. No historic records of Erik have survived, and all information about him is based on legends that were aimed at trying to establish him as a saint.

The shrine of the King, which has been stored at Uppsala Cathedral was recently opened: King Erik's relics


Today Erik is Sweden’s patron saint, and can be seen in Stockholm’s coat of arms. While on Stockholm, why not take off on a walkabout tour of Sweden's capital: A Stockholm Walkabout Tour (No. IV), in the area of Hornsgatan in the South Hills