Have you ever dreamed of owning your own lighthouse? Well, here’s your chance. The amazing lighthouse Dämman, located in Kalmar Strait is for sale. The price tag is 25 million SEK ($3.7 million).

“Many people are calling, surprisingly many. Everyone from sports people who want to turn it into a vacation home, to foreign would-be buyers. There are also some businesses interested,” says realtor in charge Pontuz Löfgren. It was at a point close Dämman that two big ships sank in the mid 1800’s, with several hundred people dying. That’s why the lighthouse was built in 1873, and it was in active use until 1969. In the middle of the 1990’s it became privately owned, it was restored in order to be used as a hotel-restaurant. But according to Löfgren it might just as well be used as a luxurious and different summer home. “Out there it is all self-supported. You have your own power supply, your own water purification plant. Today you can live a nice life there during parts of the year.” The easiest way to access the lighthouse is by boat or helicopter. And the view? Amazing according to Löfgren: “You see Blå Jungfrun in the north, Öland in the east, Kalmar in the west and an untouched view in the south.” The hefty price tag includes 560 square meters (6027.7 square feet) of living space, divided into four floors in the lighthouse as well as the pier. Add to that spacious grounds and waters and two boats.