Lina Buch Jepsen in Malmö told that she took her children for the year’s first evening swim in Öresund the other night. It was extremely cold but a lot of fun, she says about the experience.
“We go swimming almost every day in the summertime, but we’ve never done it as early in the year as this,” she says. The entire family, except baby Iben who is only 15 months old, braved the cold waters – and they were alone.
“There were mostly tourists there and they thought we were insane.” Why do this? “The kids were so happy, it felt as if summer was already here. For us it means a lot to do this together and then go home and have a cup of hot chocolate and a warm bath.” However, Lina says they won’t repeat the experience that often. “For the sake of the health of the children, it is best to limit this to once a week. But if it’s sunny and no wind, we’ll do it next week too,” she told Sydsvenskan.

We were unable to establish the water temperature exactly but according to the dmi index for the area water temperatures are around +4 degrees C (39.2 F) so... definitely above freezing!