Highest paid jobs in Sweden
Sure it’s important to love your job and go to work happy in the mornings, but let’s not underestimate the power of a great salary. That’s Gunilla Bäckström’s advice to young people who are thinking about what careers to choose. Bäckström is ombudsman at Unionen, a Swedish white-collar trade union, and she says young people ought to think more of what a poor salary will mean in the long run.

“As long as you live at home it’s not that important, but once you get your own place and perhaps a family to feed, it becomes more important. If you get sick, you’ll discover how important salary is. In the long run a low salary could lead to financial disaster.”
Young people dream of becoming actors and bartenders, they dream of taking care of horses. But according to the study sight Allastudier.se these professions are also among the lowest paid on the market. If you are interested in a safe and well-paid job, these are the top ten to focus on (ranked according to monthly salary):
1. Business Admin./Economist (monthly salary 83,900 SEK; $12,600)
2. Air Traffic Control Operator (56,300 SEK; $8,467)
3. Pilot (56,300 SEK; $8,467)
4. Doctor (55,700 SEK; $8,378)
5. Lawyer (49,600 SEK; $7,461)
6. Judge (48,200 SEK; $7,250)
7. Production director/ film (47,200 SEK; $7,099)
8. Toxicologist (46,500 SEK; $6,993)
9. Nutritionist (43,300 SEK; $6,510)
10. Consumer’s guide (43,200 SEK; $6,495).
For more info: www.Allastudier.se (in Swedish only)