The phenomenon was seen at Lilleby on Hisingen.
"Northern lights are unusual in the Gothenburg area, but fully possible. The lights were caused by the sun's largest outbreak in six years," said Erik Rindeskär, meteorologist at Foreca, to daily Göteborgsposten. A solar storm is created when activity is extra high on the sun. Large amounts of charged particles are then sent towards the earth. They travel at a speed of around 1,400 kilometers an hour.
"When the particles reach our magnetic field, which is the weakest at the North Pole and South Pole, they show up as northern lights. It is not so common further south, but this time it is said it could go all the way down the continent," Rindeskär explained. The solar storm is expected to last a couple of days, but the intensity of the storm was at its highest last night.