Here’s where people drink the most
People in Stockholm drink more than in the rest of Sweden, and the ones who drink the most are businessmen on Östermalm. “The more money you have, the more you drink,” says Dr. Birger Forsberg. Men who drink more than two glasses a day and women who drink more than nine glasses a week are in the risk zone, since that means they consume around 11 and 9 liters (2.91 and 2.38 U.S. gallons) of pure alcohol a year. In Stockholm the average consumption is 10.1 liters (2.67 U.S. gallons) of pure alcohol a year.

“And remember that then there are some people who drink nothing at all,” Forsberg says. “Which means the average consumption in reality is higher than 10 liters. This is something we’re seriously worried about.” According to scientists, many people don’t understand the dangerous impact that a beer in the bar has in the long run.


“If you drink like this you run risks of developing serious alcohol-related damages. Not everything shows on the outside, and not everyone who drinks becomes a homeless drunk.” The people who drink the least alcohol are union workers in Spånga-Tensta, where only 11.1 percent are high consumers of alcohol. Compare that to Östermalm where 46 percent are high consumers.