While the Financial Times has put Sweden among the top destinations in 2012 - mentioning Nordic food and design along with - of course - the Stieg Larsson Millennium series and the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, the New York Times says: Go to Dalarna!

According to the New York Times, Dalarna (the historical Swedish province) is the place to go in 2012. And who are we to argue? New York Times states that though most people are aware of the high cool factor of cities like Stockholm and Göteborg, few are aware of the beautiful forests, glimmering lakes and red wooden houses of Dalarna. This is where Midsummer parties are at their very best.
But to quote NY Times: “Dalarna is not just for summer journeys: every March, the region hosts the Vasaloppet, one of the world’s biggest cross-country ski races, and autumn brings incredible foliage and rich game dishes at restaurants of surprising sophistication like the Dala-Husby Hotell.”


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