Excuses, excuses...
The police in Stockholm are used to creative excuses when it comes to traffic offenses. Some of the better ones were published in metro.se.
“But I’m on my way to the palace to receive a medal from the king,” said one biker who was getting ticketed for running a red light.
One driver said:
“How was I to see the sign (a No Left Turn sign) when there was a truck in front of me?”
Another driver, also stopped for turning left at a No Left Turn sign, was in a slightly better mood and said to the female police officer who stopped him:
“This is the first time in 20 years that a woman asked for my phone number.”
The car driver in the bus file:
“Who made the decision to make this a bus file lane? It must be something new.”
The driver who got tested and was found intoxicated:
“Well, I do eat a lot of pralines … look, my stomach is all swollen!”
The taxi driver who was caught driving in the bus lane:
“How much? What the heck, 1000 SEK ($145), why don’t you just write 2000 right away, because I’ll be driving here tomorrow, too.”
Another taxi driver, perhaps the same one, also got stopped because he drove in the bus lane:
“Come on, I got ticketed yesterday too!”
The driver who was caught making an unlawful left turn:
“I shouldn’t have had that Chinese meal, that’s how I ended up here.”
Another driver wasn’t using his seat belt, and said:
“I’m 43 years old, I do what I want.”