The last 50-öringar
The last 50-öre coins have left Riksbanken (the central bank of Sweden, coincidentally the world’s oldest central bank) and are now on their way to Spain, where they will be melted down. The 50-öre coins are the last of Sweden’s öre coins, which have existed since 1522 but had been used as a unit already during Viking times. One Swedish krona is worth 100 öre, so a “femtioöring” was half a krona, in U.S. dollars today that means 7 cents. Riksbanken has minted a total of 410 million “femtioöringar” with a total weight of about 1517 tons. Over half of them, 280 million coins or 140 million SEK ($20.6 million) have disappeared or haven't been exchanged. On the transport to Spain were 127,291,453 “femtioöringar” to be exact. “The metal has been bought back by our Finnish coin supplier,” says Susanne Meyer Söderlind, Riksbanken’s press secretary.