One million for a cubbyhole in central Stockholm
It’s not spacious, but it sure is expensive. A 12m² (129 ft²) apartment on Stockholm’s Kungsholmen is for sale for 1.2 million SEK ($173,000.00). And are there any bidders? For sure. “It’s a very practical apartment,” says the realtor. In that small space, a sleep loft, a tiled bathroom and a tri-nett kitchen. A sofa and a living room table can also be squeezed in, with a bit of good will and hard work. In the ad, the owner pokes fun at the size of the place: “On the grand Norr Mälarstrand among the fashionable apartments Stockholm’s smallest (12m²) and nicest apartment is situated!” The management fee for the apartment is 385 SEK ($56) a month, according to the ad.