Karl XII-celebrators laying low
It used to be torches, riot barriers and flying bricks in Lund when the anniversary of Karl XII:s death, on November 30, was celebrated. But not so this year. The extremist right is foregoing the King (who lived 1682-1718) and is instead putting their focus on a Stockholm manifestation on December 10. Says Anna-Lena Lodenius, a writer who for years has studied the Swedish extreme right: “Karl XII is not mentioned the same way in nationalists’ rhetoric anymore. Today the focus is more on what’s happening now than on history.” However chairman of the Nationaldemokraterna (the National Democrats), Marc Abramsson, says it is a question of resources: “You can’t do everything you want to do.” Abramsson’s party will now stand side by side with Svenskarnas Parti (formerly known as Folkfronten and before that Nationalsocialistisk front) on December 10 with the slogan: “Stoppa svenskfientligheten” (Put a stop to the Sweden hostility). “There is a fair amount of organizations behind that, that have neither the same ideology nor the same politics,” Abramsson explains. The manifestation in Stockholm will probably meet with some protesters, but nothing major is expected.