In nine years more than every fourth Swede will be living in the Stockholm municipality, according to a prognosis from Stockholm’s Chamber of Commerce, which also shows that Stockholm’s population is increasing more than 50% faster than for instance London.

Says Maria Rankka, CEO of Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, “When the population is expected to grow with two busloads a day until 2020, the need to make new investments in the region grows, if we are to handle this extreme development. We need housing, public transport, education, and service.”


Last year a little over 2 million people lived in Stockholm According to the new prognosis that number will have increased with close to 400 000 by year 2020. Demographic consultant Åke Nilsson is raising a warning: “It may be more inhabitants in Stockholm even in ten years. There’s an enormous pressure, and it’s important that the pressure can be met. The infrastructure is not functioning and more housing than planned must be built.”