If the trend since 1990 continues, full-time working women in the ages 20-29 in Stockholm will have the same median salary as men of the same age in 2021, according to a fresh report by Svenskt Näringsliv. If we look at the entire country, it will take a little bit longer: Women in the rest of Sweden won’t catch up with men salary-wise until 2035.

“Stockholm has pulled away, especially during the past few years,” says Stefan Fölster, chief economist at Svenskt Näringsliv. Other big Swedish cities are more in line with the rest of the country.


An American study shows that young women already make more money than men in 147 of the biggest 150 American cities. Why is it that Sweden is so far behind?

“The educational bonus in America is 15 times higher in the US than in Sweden,” says Fölster. With educational bonus he means that the salary in life is higher for those who have gone through higher university education. He also blames Sweden’s lagging on the higher Swedish taxes, and that setting individual salaries is more common in the US.

For more info, see Svenskt Näringsliv or, download the report, at Stockholm vs New York - Glastaket spricker (In Swedish only)