Social Democrats want more visible royal house
Being royalty in Sweden has not been easy lately. Rumors of visits to massage parlors and even dealings with criminals have tainted the royal house, and now six members of the Social Democratic Party have signed a motion demanding more insight in how the appanage is spent.

“What we want is a deeper analysis and an increased transparence on how the court’s resources are spent,” says Sven-Erik Österberg from the Social Democrats.


“The purpose is to be on the guard regarding the Swedish monarchy so that we have faith in it, and so that the Swedish people can have respect.” Another member of the Social Democratic Party who signed the motion, Phia Andersson, says she doesn’t want to make any comment about the King’s private life as it has been described by books and media, but says she reacted like most of the Swedish people.

”It’s a moral question and probably all of us have thoughts about it, but it is my political task to take responsibility for how the taxpayers’ money is being used and I think it is just logical and reasonable for all to have a right to know. The general public must know about these things, just as they have the right to know about all other things (regarding tax money),” Andersson says.