A new rain jacket or perhaps a leopard spotted coat for the fall?

We are not talking clothes for you, but rather for your dog. Suzanne Ekegårdh has opened Sweden’s first dog fashion boutique just blocks from the most fashionable streets in Stockholm.


“I think the time for this has come,” Ekegårdh says. “I focus on fashion-minded owners, who so far have had to do with Internet shopping or animal stores with a zoo-like environment.”
Some 200 net boutiques focusing on dog clothing exist in Sweden, but Ekegårdh believes consumers want to touch and feel the products. In countries like Italy, France, Germany and the U.S., dog fashion is a growing business, and since many dog breeds are nearly naked they will freeze in the Nordic countries unless clothed.

“It used to be that people made fun of you if you put clothes on your dog, but today even owners of bigger breeds can buy a trench coat for their pets.” Ekegårdh sells gowns worthy of Audrey Hepburn as well as leather biker jackets and cowboy-inspired accessories. “But it’s important not to do too much,” she says. “Don’t make your dog look ridiculous.” She adds that the dog has become a status symbol, something you want to show off.

Nothing new for us in the U.S. but if you happen to need a new trench coat for your favorite canine partner while in Stockholm, this is where you go Stockholms Hundmodehus