Looking for something to do in the evenings? How about a course? If you’re in Stockholm, you can take a course in licorice tasting after work. Eva Levin, Director of Activities at Medborgarskolan (a study organization in Sweden), explains: “Licorice is what it’s all about right now. It’s very popular. During the evening you get to taste raw licorice and learn how to use it in cooking.” If licorice is not your thing, then perhaps “Ceramics for Singles” is? “Sell yourself in 30 seconds”? “Tree climbing”? “Tightrope walking”?

If you feel tied to your home with a baby, then “Stroller French” could be for you. Bring your baby in his or her stroller and learn to speak French while strolling with others. “Some of our courses are held in other languages than Swedish to make them more attractive to immigrants,” Eva adds.
For more information about these courses and others check out Medborgarskolan and other educational associations:


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