“It’s hard to get more historical than that,” says realtor Leif Bertwig. The property is called Visby Munken 14 and in its basement there’s an uncovered grave where the skeleton of a person from the Middle Ages can be viewed behind a glass panel.

The house was built around 1750, and is located on the foundation of what was once the Russian Church, a church that was abandoned in medieval times. The glassed-in skeleton from the 13th century share space with a bonus skull (also behind glass), both were discovered during archeological diggings in 1971.


According to law, nothing in the basement may be changed or rearranged. But if you want to, you are allowed to have parties down there and show your friends your “treasure”. It is unclear who the skeleton once was, although it was determined in 1971 that he or she was not from Gotland. “Perhaps it is a Russian,” says Bertwig. A lady living nearby calls the skeleton Valdemar. The asking price for the house (including the skeleton) is 4 125 000 SEK (or $655,900).

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