That is no longer the case. The latest study shows there are extreme differences in appetite for culture in the country, and the strongest leanings are to be found with people who live in Lund. But there are other interesting differences, too. People living in Göteborg, for instance, are more active library goers than people living in Stockholm.

“In Sweden we have perhaps an over-confidence that everyone’s the same. This study shows enormous differences,” says Rudolf Antoni, investigator at Fastighetsägarna (the Swedish Property Federation, a trade organization), who along with Handelns utredningsinstitut (the Swedish Retail Institute) produced the study. “Only 28 percent of people in Borås go to the movies on a regular basis, while people in Stockholm go more than twice as often, 61 percent.” Lund tops the list, followed by Göteborg, Stockholm, Uppsala and Malmö—showing that big cities and university cities are more culturally active. But also people in cities like Kalmar and Halmstad are quite cultural. “It was a bit surprising,” says Antoni. “But then again, these cities are regarded as attractive.” The least cultural city is Hässleholm, which is more than six times worse than Lund.