The brand H&M - to an extent synonymous with Swedish fashion in the U.S. - may be known for 'fashion and Quality at the best price' but overall things in the homeland are a bit different.

The clothes in Sweden are some of the most expensive clothes in all of the European Union, according to a comparison made by the statistics organization Eurostat. The Swedish clothing prices are 26% higher than the average EU price. Swedes also pay 40% more for alcohol and tobacco, 38% more for hotel and restaurant visits, 16% more for groceries, and 15% more for electronics. T


he only products sold in Sweden that are somewhat lower than in the rest of the European Union, are furniture and cars. But most expensive in the EU is Denmark, and when compared with European countries outside of the EU, Switzerland and Norway beat both Sweden and Denmark when it comes to selling expensive stuff. For the cheapest prices within the EU, you’ve got to go to Bulgaria.