How much Swedes drink.
Swedes are known to drink a lot, especially during the Midsummer weekend. Last year, Systembolaget (the government owned chain of liquor stores in Sweden) had 2.5 million customers the day before Midsummer Night's Eve, and spiced liquor are sold 15 times more than on a regular week. Add to that twice as much beer and four times as much cider. Many “alcohol records” are broken during the Midsummer week according to statistics from Systembolaget.

During Midsummer last year, 2.2 million liters (581178.515 US gallons) more alcohol were sold than during Easter week, in spite of the fact that Systembolaget are open more days during Easter week. Also the consumption of alcohol is spread out over more days during Christmas and Easter than Midsummer, when it is concentrated on one day only.


“The risk for social damages are greater if alcohol is consumed all at once,” says Nina Svensson, Press Secretary at IOGT-NTO, the Swedish branch of IOGT International, the temperance movement. “It’s terrifying for children to see their children drunk, and children can be in direct danger.”