Favorite cell phone in Sweden...
Most people get the iPhone but all-time dream phone right now?
Sony Ericsson is the cell phone Swedish people dream of. Although most Swedes buy Apple’s iPhone, they believe Sony Ericsson makes the best cell phones.

The Swedish-Japanese manufacturer wins 9 out of 12 categories in a study made by telecom operator Tele2. So why is it that Swedes purchase iPhones if they so like Sony Ericsson?


“We are very irrational in our choices, and we are influenced by what our friends have,” says Annika Kristersson, Head of Press at Tele2. “It is our friends who guide us when it comes to buying cell phones. If our friends have iPhones, then we buy one, too. And sometimes we buy a certain product for a specific function.” Apps, web surfing and touch screen in all honor – basic functions like long battery time and user-friendliness are still important when the Swede describes his or her favorite cell phone. Men want a great display, while women feel a good camera is more important.

“Today the cell phone is a personal accessory,” Kristersson continues. “You put it on the table and want it to be accessible at all times.”