Does it seem a bit upside down? It could become a reality.

Days ago, Region Skåne (Skåne Regional Council) took the first step in re-drawing the map, by removing the border and creating a larger region with Kronobergs län (Kronoberg County) .


“This sort of region can strengthen the possibilities in developing the infra structure, it can also lead to more work and so on. Seen from a European and global perspective, Skåne isn’t that big,” says Pia Kinhult, a politician from the Moderate Party and chairwoman of the Region Skåne. The Kronoberg County Council and Regionförbundet Södra Småland (Regional Council of Southern Småland) have for a while shown interest in uniting with Region Skåne, which has just said “yes” to the proposal. The plan is to create a regional union no later than 2019 – however all parties aren’t that ecstatic.

“We want to continue being ‘skåningar’,” says Lennart Pettersson, chairman of the Center Party in Skåne. “Skåne is a strong brand name and if we let it go we will lose a lot. Add to that the fact that the distance between Växjö and Malmö is fairly long.”

Jan-Öjvind Swahn, Professor Emeritus at the Dept. of Ethnology at Lund University, is also critical: “It’s a very foolish idea; the most foolish idea I’ve heard in a long time. The cultural differences are huge and there’s an old antagonism between Skåne and Småland, which lives on to this day,” Swahn says.

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