By Sofia Englund

If you're looking for furniture in the Bay Area, that messy college roommate fast receding in life's rearview mirror, a little more space to inhabit, and a little more money in your pocket, you might find yourself thinking: “What if IKEA had a fancy younger brother?”


Enter BoConcept, a modern Danish designer and manufacturer of sleek furniture of the woody, down-to-earth Scandinavian kind. Founded in 1952 by Danish craftsmen Jens Ærthøj and Tage Mølholm, the global furniture chain specializes in beautifully designed functional furniture and accessories that do not compromise your standards or budget. Today, BoConcept consists of 260 sales units in 60 countries and the U.S. west coast.

BoConcept's contemporary line of urban furnishings was brought to the west coast by husband and wife team Caroline and Soren Krogh-Jensen, who opened a showroom in central San Francisco just as the banking crisis sent the economy into a free-fall. “It was a difficult time,” says Caroline, “but so rewarding that we made it happen.”

After working with BoConcept in his native Denmark, Soren helped open the first BoConcept store in the U.S. 13 years ago, in New Jersey, where he met Caroline, who was then practicing law. Eventually the company urged the couple to open their own store, and they brought the line out west. In addition to their San Francisco store, there are showrooms in Santa Monica and San Diego.

“Our love was always with San Francisco,” says Caroline. “Every time we came here, we fell in love more and more. And we thought the concept would fit best here.” The couple now owns and runs a store in the hip design district on 1 Rhode Island Street, and in January 2015 they are opening a second store on Santana Row in San Jose.

Now the “ultimate destination for modern and contemporary furniture and accessories,” BoConcept San Francisco takes pride in offering clients “customized, coordinated and affordable design.” The BoConcept team also provides complimentary in-home consultation to assist clients in arriving at design preferences and making accurate in-home measurements before BoConcept’s software is put to work fine tuning an efficient and stylish home space.

When not busy offering clients their expertise in furnishing their homes, Caroline and Soren can be found hosting exclusive events in their design district store, including the Swedish-American Chamber’s SofaTalks series. The couple particularly enjoys promoting and supporting the Bay Area emerging ideas and innovative projects presented at these events while offering guests an opportunity to be inspired in a sophisticated atmosphere.

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