Greg Poehler Q&A Game

Q: Henke Lundqvist or Zlatan?
Greg: Lundqvist, I went to a lot of Rangers games back in the day.


Q: Lussekatter or pepparkakor?
Greg: Pepparkakor. I don’t like either one! (laughs)

Q: Glögg or aquavit?
Greg: Both, and together!

Q: A walk on Djurgården or a fika at a café in Stureplan?
Greg: I have been here for eight years and I’m so Swedish now that as soon as you say fika, I say “yes!”

Q: “Små grodorna” or “Hej tomtegubbar?”
Greg: “Små grodorna” definitely. I get to jump around like a frog.

Q: Pippi Långstrump or Emil i Lönneberga?
Greg: I like Emil, he’s a cool dude, he makes a lot of cool stuff in his woodshed and he’s “busig.” It means you are a troublemaker. He’s the ultimate example of that.

Q: Kent or Håkan Hellström?
Greg: Not super up on either, I’ll go with Kent. My wife listened to that a lot when she was in NY. Good memories.

Q: Hanes or Bjorn Bjorg underwear?
Greg: Oh, Björn Borg! Every day of the week!

Q: Östermalm or Södermalm?
Greg: That’s a tricky question. When I first moved to Sweden, I lived in Östermalm, so I know that more. But people are definitely cooler in Södermalm.

Q: Melodifestivalen or Allsång på Skansen?
Greg: They are both so unbelievably great in their horribleness but I will definitely go with Melodifestivalen. I have three kids so we are very into Melodifestivalen and saw every song and voted quite often.

Q: NK or Åhlens City
Greg: I’ll go with NK. I got my martini glasses from there.

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