Paris Hilton's new Swedish friends
Paris Hilton really likes the Swedish DJ duo Rebecca and Fiona. She recently posted a photo on Instagram of herself with the Swedish girls, along with a heart emoticon, tagging the girls with #coolchics and #girlsrule. Rebecca, Fiona and Paris have known each other for a couple years—in 2012, the Swedish duo talked in an interview about meeting the hotel heiress several times.

Paris, Rebecca and Fiona were in Miami to see Swedish DJ Avicii who was booked to play at the SLS Hotel (which had temporarily changed its name to Avicii). According to TMZ, however, Avicii canceled at the last moment, going to the hospital for unknown reasons. Paris still seemed happy with the evening, and later posted a photo and wrote about making pizza with ”the girls." If that meant the Swedish girls were still involved is not clear.
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Sample their music or videos at\[Rebecca and Fiona at Electric Daisy Carnival, New York, Las Vegas]