The opening at Swedish American Museum on North Clark Street is between 6-8 p.m. Clothes fulfill basic needs of protection and creativity while at the same time communicating a sense of belonging and cultural heritage, especially for special occasions. What does it mean to dress Swedish? The turn has come to people in the Chicagoland area to find out.

For more info, see Dressing Swedish: From Hazelius to Salander; Jan. 10 - Feb. 23


The exhibition was originally produced for House of Sweden, Washington D.C. by co-curators Dr. Charlotte Hylten-Cavallius, Multicultural Society, Tumba, and Dr. Lizette Gradén, Nordic Heritage Museum, Seattle, with support from Multicultural Society, Svenska Institutet, Kulturrådet. More on our earlier coverage of the exhibition: ‘Dressing Swedish’ in Seattle