Monika Knutsson, founder of the Gilded Lace Collection, grew up being passionate about lace. Surrounded by lace-making all her life, it now defines her. Monika's curiosity for the delicate fabric began early, while spending much time with her Swedish and German grandmothers, who were both skilled lace makers. Her interest grew stronger when she moved to Paris to work for the French designer Isabel Marant.
For nine years she rummaged through Parisian flea markets collecting vintage lace, and developed embroidery and lace designs. After moving to New York, The Gilded Lace Collection began to take shape through Monika's wish to celebrate these incredible pieces of art. In the meantime, she felt a strong urge to honor the creative and hardworking women of the handicraft.

From lace to handmade jewelry
By 2010, she started to transmute lace into lasting pieces of hand-made jewelry, and so the company was founded.
Monika Knutsson's collections are produced in New York and consist of early to mid-1900s vintage lace dipped in sterling silver, 24k yellow gold, rose gold or gun smoke metal. The lace is originally from fine dresses and lingerie found in Paris, Berlin and New York. Every piece is a limited edition, since each piece is unique and has its own story. When buying jewelry from Monika Knutsson, a sample of the original lace is always included to show that the piece preserves something nearly gone.
I had the chance to meet Monika Knutsson's sales director, Ulrika Talling-Smith, in San Francisco. As well as confirming the success and growth in New York, she was very glad to announce that Monika Knutsson–The Gilded Lace Collection will now also be found at Gallery of Jewels Union Square in November 2013. For more details visit
For the future, Talling-Smith says, “We will keep focusing on the collections, but we also provide the opportunity to get bespoken lace. We turn a piece from your wedding lace into a ring or lovely jewelry, whereby memories turn into something to carry with you, physically.” Given the increased interest for lace jewelry, Monika Knutsson’s Gilded Lace Collection might soon be taking on new markets internationally.


Michaela Setterwall

SACC San Francisco/Silicon Valley