Talk about exposure. When Lady Gaga stepped out of her hotel in Stockholm August 30, she did so in a pink creation designed by Daniel Bendzovski, a student at Textilhögskolan in Borås (The Swedish School of Textiles). It was during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that Bendzovski showed his exam collection. Lady Gaga’s stylist came up afterwards asking Bendzovski if she could have some of the clothes.

“Then she called and said Lady Gaga wanted to se more of my stuff, so it was just to jump in the car and drive up with the rest of my collection,” Bendzovski says on the homepage of Högskolan in Borås. Thus the super star showed up in Bendzovski’s pink and black jacket and white fur skirt. “Everything seems to have happened very spontaneously, she had obviously tried a few of my pieces, and then checked the rest online and wanted more,” Bendzovski says. Daniel Bendzovski never got to meet Lady Gaga in person; she was sleeping when he arrived to Stockholm. “After this it feels as if anything can happen. It’s great that someone like her wants to wear my clothes.” This week it’s back to reality for Bendzovski, however, as he begins the Master program in fashion at Textilhögskolan.