Svenskt Tenn has shown re-worked versions of designer, architect, and artist Josef Frank’s beautiful wallpapers.

“In smaller rooms and rooms where you don’t spend too much time, it’s a good thing with wallpaper,” the legendary Austrian-born Frank is quoted as having said. Times are a-changing, however, and after the disappearance of the single wallpapered wall, we now like to have the entire room wallpapered. Frank’s famous design is thus coming back. Colors and details have been recreated by looking at his original sketches. The wallpapers are now being printed with distemper print, which is said to give the pattern a more vivid feel, more the way they looked when Josef Frank himself was around.


The patterns “Sagoträdet” (The Fairy Tale Tree) and “Söndagsmorgon” (Sunday Morning) along with "Vårklockor" (Bellflower Spring), drawn in the 1940’s, are now in production again after a period of absence, and the pattern “Eldblomman” will for the first time be available in a blue version.

For more information: Svenskt Tenn - Wallpaper