'Best-selling' dialect: Not only is it considered (at least by Swedes) the sexiest dialect of all, but it's also the best-selling. We are talking about the dialect spoken in Göteborg: “göteborgskan.”

In a poll taken by Com Hem (a Swedish broadband service), four out of ten of the 2600 people asked said that dialect is of importance when it comes to customer service, and the most popular was “göteborgskan,” which 11 percent preferred. To be fair, the dialect shared the first spot with “norrländskan” (spoken in Norrland, in the north) and “stockholmskan” spoken in Stockholm. In second place came “skånskan” (spoken in Skåne, in the south), followed by “värmländskan” (from Värmland), “dalmål” (found in Dalarna), “gotländskan” (spoken on the island of Gotland) and “finlandssvenskan” (the general term for standard Finland Swedish).


Less popular dialects were “östgötskan” (spoken in Östergötland) and “småländskan” (spoken in Småland). A higher percentage of the younger people (born after 1980) said dialect is of importance. And this age group was also the one who found “göteborgskan” popular, compared to the older people who were asked. Middle-aged Swedes think that dialect doesn’t really matter at all.