How about a fortress bunker on Öland for a summer house? (Öland, no longer an island according to EU: Öland is no island?) To an untrained eye, it looks just like a heap of stones on the beach, but the “fortress” is really a defense bunker from the 1940’s, built to defend Sandvik’s harbor.
Says realtor Anders Törnqvist: “Many people are curious about it.” Though the bunker was put up for sale already in August last year, and many were interested in it then, nobody bought it. Now with summer around the corner, people are once again calling.
“It’s like a boathouse,” Törnqvist explains. “It is located right on the shore with the splashing of the waves reaching the façade.” The bunker/boathouse has thick walls (about 3 feet thick), and ceilings of limestone. The floor area is approximately 15 square meters (or 161 square feet), but it wasn’t built to live in of course. “Just like a boathouse, we see it as a supplement for someone who already has a home on Öland, and want a tour cottage by the sea.”
For more info and to set up a time to see the object: Ölandsmäklaren AB - mark the box "Fritidshus"

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