Sunny spring weather and running is an unbeatable combination. All you need is a good pair of sneakers.

“The sneakers cannot have been in the closet too many years,” says Anders Szalkai, a one-time winner of the Stockholm Marathon.


Running is hotter than ever in Sweden today—what started as a fad some years ago has grown stronger, and now the latest trend is for people to run in groups. At many work places as well as at gyms, there are now running groups. Under the direction of Stockholm Marathon, runners interested in training can run together on Sundays.
Nordstjernan columnist SuperSwede reflected on some differences between Sweden and the U.S. some time ago - På Promenad definitely food for thought.

“Perhaps it’s not thousands who show up, but it’s a big group and an impressive sight,” says Szalkai, who leads the group trainings.
People run at a slower pace than they did 15 years ago. The focus is no longer on chasing fast times or performance; it is OK to get out there if you’re not a perfect runner or even if you’re overweight. “That’s also part of why there’s been such an increase in running,” Szalkai says, adding that the greatest advantage to running is “that it is so accessible.” Running on soft forest paths or dirt roads is easier on the body than road running, and probably more fun, too. Szalkai’s advice for beginners is this: “Don’t fall for the myth that running has to be painful, but start out as slow as you need to go.” And, as with all training, there are a slew of sporting goods that stores try to push, but the only thing really needed is a good pair of sneakers.
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