Bruce Karstadt, recipient of the 2018 Swedish American of the Year award, was celebrated in Växjö, Sweden at a reception where representatives for the award sponsoring Vasa Order and the Växjö community welcomed him, his entourage from the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis and many others.

It is clear Bruce Karstadt is widely admired for his magnificent achievements at ASI. Since 1990 he has been the president-CEO of the American Swedish Institute, where his dedication to bring the intersection of Sweden and America has been an extraordinary success.


"These past 28 years have been an amazing experience for me, working as I do at the intersection of Sweden and America. There still exists a deep affection among Swedish-Americans for Sweden," he said.

Karstadt’s Swedish ancestors from Småland and Värmland left Sweden in the late 19th century and settled in the Swedish community of Lindsborg, Kansas; he is the fourth generation in his family to have graduated from Bethany College in Lindsborg. The American Swedish Institute itself has roots in Småland. Its founder, Swan J. Turnblad, was born near Växjö in 1860. His family immigrated to Minnesota and eventually lived in the Turnblad mansion until 1929, when it became the American Swedish Institute headquarters and public museum. Karstadt is a worthy successor, dedicated to the original mission of ASI.