As it gets darker and colder outside, the need to light candles, throw on an extra sweater, and drink something hot and sweet gets more important. And of course the weather offers a wonderful excuse to slow down a bit, sit down and reflect on life. ‘Tis the season for that. How timely then, that Trygve Lie Gallery should open an exhibition that lends itself so beautifully to meditation and joy. “Glimpses of Eden” showcases Marit Hjorth Høivik’s glass art: plates, bowls, and jewelry with themes from creation.
Says gallery director Frode André Bjørkli: “I think Marit’s art is beautiful and perfect for our gallery. New York is a city with hundreds of galleries and I think it’s important for us as a gallery to make a connection with the church upstairs (the Norwegian Seamen’s Church), and exhibit art that inspires and has a spiritual message -- otherwise we’d just be another gallery. Marit’s art has that kind of message; it has a lot of biblical elements, but the religious is never overpowering.”
Hjort Høivik herself calls the exhibition “‘kind.’ It’s about the beautiful rainbow, for example, and God’s always-open embrace.”
The walls are hung with zebra-striped plates, turquoise plates with fish, and multi-colored shimmering bowls representing the rainbow. There’s also jewelry with colors and patterns from peacock feathers. It all brings to mind the animals of Noah’s Ark. The blue in Hjort Høivik’s work stands out: It is a vivid, turquoise kind of blue.
“Blue is a color that does not force itself onto you,” she explains. “It is a color of respect. Blue makes me happy and peaceful.”
“Glimpses of Eden” continues through January 4, 2009 and is a gift-friendly exhibition should you be on a Christmas shopping prowl.
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