Sweden’s second city, Göteborg, has a population of 489,787 and was named after the götar, the inhabitants of Gothia, now southern Sweden. The river on which Göteborg sits, the Göta Älv was the spot for the fort Göta borg built to protect the port created to be Sweden’s commercial window to the west. How much else do you know about Göteborg?

1. Who described Göteborg as the most beautiful of all Swedish cities? (1.Carl von Linné X. Carl Michael Bellman 2. Verner von Heidenstam)


2. What king grounded the community that served as a predecessor to Göteborg? (1.Erik XIV X.Gustaf I 2.Karl IX)

3. Göteborg burned down in 1611 – but who set the city on fire? (1.The Norwegians X.The Danes 2. The Finns)

4. What engineer made the first city plan? (1.Herman Johann X. Johan Schultz 2. Sigmund Schultz)

5. What Greek god sits on the top of Avenyn? (1.Eros X.Zeus 2.Poseidon)

6. The architect Victor von Gegerfelt designed one of the most famous buildings in Göteborg, which one? (1.Fiskekyrkan X.Läppstiftet 2. Centralstationen)

7. Why is Göteborg sometimes called “little London”? (1. Because the blueprint of the city is similar to that of London X. Because of intensive trade with England during the 18th century 2. Because many Brits moved to Göteborg during the 16th and 17th centuries)

1. 1.Carl von Linné
2. 2.Karl IX
3. X.The Danes
4. X.Johan Schultz
5. 2.Poseidon
6. 1.Fiskekyrkan
7. X.Because of intensive trade with England during the 18th century.