Nordic Day USA
Ambassadors gather in Washington, DC to promote the new book, Nordic Ways.
On Oct. 6, the Embassy of Sweden in the United States hosted a Twitter Town Hall meeting during which the public’s questions about work, gender equality and socialism were answered by the Nordic ambassadors, including Sweden’s Bjorn Lyrvall. Ambassadors from each of the Nordic countries were in Washington, DC. at the Swedish Embassy to help launch the new book, Nordic Ways.
Co-editors András Simonyi and Debra Cagan put together this book of essays about Nordic life, due out in hard cover on Oct. 25. The 50 essay writers are distinguished authors from the five Nordic countries, who through their words guide the increasingly interesting and important dialogue between the U.S. and Nordic countries — specifically with regard to Nordic solutions in their innovative technology and design, arts, culture, liberal democratic values, gender equality, environmental responsibility and global economic success.
The ultimate goal is to provide a long-term platform for what it means to be Nordic in business, as stewards of the environment, the arts, culture, innovation, education and in commitment to democratic values.
Published by Center for Transatlantic Relations SAIS; 311 pages.