King Olav V of Norway bought a 1951 Cadillac limousine after World War II to symbolize Norway's road to recovery; it became the Norwegian king's favorite car. His son, King Harald V, eventually donated the Cadillac to the International Disabilities Foundation (IDF) to be used for fundraising for the IDF in conjunction with the Sons of Norway in the U.S. The limousine appeared at various Scandinavian-American events throughout the United States before it was given to Vesterheim, The National Norwegian-American Museum and Heritage Center, in Decorah, Iowa in 1994.
Now Vesterheim is returning King Olav's limo to the people of Norway. The classic one-of-a-kind vehicle has been restored and is on its way to a dedication ceremony on June 6 at Akershus Fortress in Oslo, Norway, with its permanent home waiting along with King Olav's other limousines at the new National Motor Museum near Lillehammer.