Swedes work out more than any other people in Europe, at least according to a new European Union survey. In Sweden 70% say they work out at least once a week.

This should make the Swedes the best trained people in Europe. Running has been popular during the past year, but what’s the newest trend in exercising in Sweden? Exercise experts Terese Alvén and Jenny Sunding foresee ”nature as the gym” in the future.


”You want to be able to (work out) quickly and easily outside your door without having to go somewhere or have a time to commit to. You want to be able to squeeze in your workout between two gaps in your schedule,” says Alvén.

The so often exercising Swede is, however, statistically, also gaining weight.. The overweight Swede

And training more than ever, Are you keeping the Swedish pace? so ... statistics are just wonderful or, as Strřyer put it, "They are to experts what a streetlight does for a drunk man, they light up a limited area but are great to hold onto."