Sweden is the third most legally secure country, according to the annual index that has been developed by the U.S.-based organization World Justice Project.

The country topping the 2014 ranking is Denmark, followed by Norway—both with an index of 0.88. Sweden’s index is 0.85 and Sweden is followed by Finland with 0.84. Among the categories measured in the 99 countries were: the responsibility of the state, the absence of crime, the absence of corruption, fundamental rights, access to justice, order and security.


The index was compiled from survey responses from over 100,000 households and 2,400 experts regarding how the rule of law is experienced in daily life. Among the top ten countries, there are only three that aren't European: New Zealand, Australia and Singapore. England can be found in 13th place, France at number 18, the U.S. at 19, China at 76 and Russia at 80. Placed at the bottom (95-99) is Cameroon, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Afghanistan and Venezuela.

For more information, see WJP's Rule of Law Index