We might not want to think about it right now, while we’re stuffing ourselves with traditional Holiday food, but we all know that 2014 will be payback time, so let’s face it: How will we exercise in the new year?

Swedish experts predict a high intensive interval training trend, but also more working out outdoors and using nothing but your own bodyweight.

”All indications point to this (high intensive interval training followed by shorter breaks, a normal exercise session like that should take no more than 30 minutes),” says Sofia Bursjöö, who has the blog ”Upp & Hoppa”. Bursjöö also believes exercising will find more adventurous venues, such as ”exercise travels” and events or weekends.
And Sofia Sjöström, nutritionist, personal trainer, and training consultant, believes in personal training for smaller groups. ”More and more people are seeing the value with having a personal trainer,” she says, ”though not everyone can afford one.”