He was born in Macedonia, lives in Malmö, and works in Copenhagen (at the restaurant Umami) and he is the best sushi chef in the world. Who is he? His name is Pepi Anevski.
“It’s incredible!” Pepi, who was born in Macedonia, exclaims over his winning the Best Award at the World Sushi Cup 2013, which took place in Chiba Prefecture, Japan, last month. “They felt my sushi had the perfect balance between fish and rice.” Pepi uses a classic, traditional style when making sushi. “I also use a twist of tastes, but they must never overtake the taste of rice, which is very important in Japan.” Pepi Anevski in Malmö may be the world’s best sushi chef, but there’s more:

Malmö restaurant Saiko was named the world’s best sushi restaurant in the same competition. Says Pepi: “In Japan they asked: ‘How come you Scandinavians are so good?’” And indeed – how come Malmö took home two such brilliant awards? “That’s what’s so incredible,” Pepi says and shrugs. “I spoke to Pontus (Pontus Johansson, sushi chef at Saiko) and we sort of laughed about it. I’m very happy not only for Pontus but for his restaurant also.” The World Sushi Cup made a big impression on Pepi, who hopes to come back to Japan and work as a chef there. “It was a great honor to be there, to work and to bring ideas back home to Sweden and Denmark.”


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http://www.yasuragi.se (Yasuragi Hasseludden AB, sushi chef Yann Sahlén, who received an honorary award).