Who drinks the most glögg?
We’ve entered the month of December and we’ve already passed the First of Advent, so it’s safe to say Swedes have begun making and drinking glögg. But who drinks the most?
Every year Swedes drink over three million liters of glögg, which averages 0.3 liter (1.2 cups) per person. Last year people living in Östergötland drank the most glögg of all Swedes (1.8 cups per person) while those in Blekinge drank the least, according to statistics from Systembolaget.

“Glögg is a drink heavy with tradition,” says Lennart Agén, information officer at Systembolaget. “We see a marked increase in drinking glögg as soon as there’s some snow on the ground.” Milder winters therefore mean less glögg in cups. According to statistics, the glögg drinking in Sweden decreased somewhat last year but has increased overall since the beginning of the 21st century, when sales were under three million liters a year. Compare that to the beginning of the 1990s, when Swedes drank more than four million liters a year.


“If it has decreased somewhat, then I think that’s in favor of wine. People are more interested in wine now; add to that all the Christmas beers that have come out—there’s simply more to chose from,” says Jonas Alwin, sommelier and drink expert at Spisa.nu. However, when it comes to glögg, it’s the classic version Swedes prefer. “There are many new brands with chocolate and licorice, but we turn to the more classic red wine glögg,” says Agén.

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