Swedes are best in Europe when it comes to driving. Worst are Italians and Greeks, at least if you ask the Swedes. Stena Line, the international ferry company, asked 1000 Swedes about their diving habits when on vacation. The questions asked were about vacation plans, life on the road, estimated driving proficiency and budgeting while on vacation. Turned out Swedish men had the greatest self-confidence as drivers: Nearly 43 percent of the men asked believed themselves to be better than average drivers. Among women, the corresponding percentage was 24 percent. From a European perspective, Swedes are on top when it comes to driving skills. At least according to themselves. Swedes, Germans, Norwegians, Finns and Swiss are the best drivers, while Italians, Greeks, Ukrainians, French and Spaniards are at the bottom of the trust list. Just over 40 percent of all Swedes are reportedly on the road this summer. Half of them are traveling outside Sweden, visiting neighboring countries or continuing on down through Europe. During the trip, chatting with fellow passengers in the car is considered the best pastime for almost 50 percent; 28 percent listen to music; 9 percent listen to audio books; and, 3 percent of the passengers said they sleep their way through the trip. When it comes time for a lunch break, just over half said they swing into the nearest town to find a restaurant. Only one in 10 prefers to eat at a roadside restaurant.
Rising fuel costs are not deterring Swedish drivers: Nearly half said they are driving as much now as they did five years ago, even though gas prices have increased.