Sweden’s capital is a popular tourist spot in Europe. But a recent slogan that proclaims it “Scandinavia’s capital” has infuriated Norwegians. In particular Oslo’s tourist director Tor Sannerud, who calls it arrogant and counterproductive. Stockholm has proclaimed itself the capital of Scandinavia since 2005, and now Sannerud is criticizing the seven-year old slogan.

“All the Scandinavian countries have their own capitals. It’s not a very honest statement; I think it borders on dishonesty. On the other hand, it has no real value for the reader either,” he says. Sannerud says he likes Stockholm a lot, but that it’s wiser to choose a slogan that says what’s so great about the capital. “The earlier slogan was ‘Beauty on water’. That was a very good expression, since Stockholm is a beautiful city on the water.” It is Monica Ewert, director of communications at Stockholm business region, who came up with the new slogan after two years of intense work.


“Stockholm is the biggest city in Scandinavia, and it is centrally situated. We have the greatest market space and we offer a lot of culture,” she says. “One has to understand that ‘Stockholm Capital of Scandinavia’ also stands for more emotional values, all the beauty we see, and our love for Stockholm, and perhaps that’s not 100% clear – if that’s the case, than all I can do is to say sorry.” Ewert says that in rankings Stockholm is pushing forward, and that she feels humble and happy about it. Do you think the slogan is provocative?

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